Industrial Lighting are closely related to industrial production, and LED high bay light is a good high performance lamp, which has become the best choice for larger scale industrial plants lighting and traditional warehouse or factory energy-saving transformation. However, LED miner lamps are so widely used, what are the characteristics of the lamp compared with the traditional one? Here are six ways analysis:


1, The LED high bay Lamp Body Adopts High Strength Die Casting aluminum material, the surface through anti-aging electrostatic injection plastic treatment, self-cleaning, anti-corrosion. Led high bay light decoration effect is very good, using special surface treatment process, the appearance color is optional, the installation is simple, the disassembly is convenient, applicable scope is wide.


2, The humanized structure design makes the installation and maintenance of LED high bay light more easy and suitable for various application occasions. As the reliable led light manufacturer, Weshine Technology focus on supply customer trouble free ,now weshine focus on UFO type LED high bay light.


3, The voltage range (AC 90 ~ 264V / 90 ~ 305V) is applied to the power supply, avoid the power grid and noise pollution cause by the traditional Mine Lamp ballast.


4, Led high bay light have high stability and a long life of 25,000 to 50,000 hours, more than 10 times longer than the traditional light source, reaching low investment and high return.


5, LED high bay with bright and stable color, present the actual color make the project more true, LED light source color temperature can be selected, can meet the needs of different environment.


6, Green, non-polluting, cold light source design, no thermal radiation, no harm to eyes and skin. Non-lead, mercury and other polluting elements, the realization of the true meaning of green.