If you just start a LED lighting business, or you are considering change to import LED lights from China manufacturers to make you more competitive in your market. After review this guide, you can sourcing by yourself without the sourcing agent. Besides, you will get guide to avoid the middle man and the bad quality product.

For buying LED light from China company, the best way is combine online channel with offline channel.

Before we talk about this two channel, the most important is how to evaluate a LED light quality, if a buyer don’t know this, even you are good at negotiation, you only can import the best price LED lights, but you will get big risk for cheap quality product which bring lots of customer complaints. We all that LED light life time can reach 50,000hours, but it base good quality heat conduction, long life LED driver, low decay led chip etc..

1, LED Light Heat Sink.

The Housing (heat sink) Material quality from high to low has aluminum, Plastic package aluminum, Plastic, Glass.

For indoor lighting, such as LED tube, LED panel, LED downlight, the major material in the market is aluminum and Plastic package aluminum. LED tube and Bulb which has change full glass or PC. Different material, cost different.

For outdoor lighting, the major heat sink material must be aluminum, and need high heat conduction aluminum, the 1070 and 6063 are the top rated aluminum material for LED light heat sink. We need pay attention on some recycle aluminum, and some low pure aluminum. Both of them cant pass high temperature painting process, after that it will many ugly painting joint or small holes, which have rough feeling when we touch.

Besides, we also can check the quality from the aluminum thickness, heat sink weight, inside

LED chip temperature after at least 8 hours lighting(which need equipment).

Therefore, a good quality heat sink need has excellently heat dissipation design, also need a pure and enough weight aluminum.


1.2 The Lighting Source

Along with the LED chip technology rapidly growth, lots of led chip company build up. The most famous LED chip brand include, Cree, Lumileds, Osram, Nichia, Samsung, Citizen. And the middle type has Bridgelux, Seoul, Epstar, Sanan. And from the chip grade, it has lumen effcicency, and CRI grade.  Which we cant see the difference from eyes. We can see it from a LM80 report, which is a authoritative report of led light source, which will lighting the chip for 3,000hours, 6,000hours, 35,000hour etc.. to test it reliability.


1.3 The LED Driver

LED driver is a most important parts to influence the LED light life and performance. The quality different from its material and design. From material, it shell aluminum is better than plastic. Because driver also need heat conduction.

From design and it’s the component quality and quantity. It has isolated driver, non-isolated driver, narrow range input voltage driver , and wide range input voltage driver. Driver with flicking, and driver flicking free. Flicking is easy to see, light up and led lamp, then open the cellphone camera, if see the waves, it is flicking, if don’t have it is flicking free. As a reliable driver, the audit certification is EU EMC test and US UL test. A good quality driver should pass at least one of them for different market request.

When know how to evaluate a LED light, it’s time to sourcing the China LED light supplier.

Online Sourcing Guide.

Online sourcing is the most convenient way and cheapest cost. If searching for few pieces. The major platform way have Aliexpress, Ebay, Amazon.. Which should be the largest B2C platform, even get the bad quality one, it can be refund easy.  Disadvantage of them is that it is hard find the high stand LED lights, because most people buy the lamps at there don’t have professional knowledge, only compare price. So most lights design for low cost. For online wholesale, there has three major platform, Alibaba, Made-in-China, Global source and google search top list of China led manufactures. Where importer can sear suppliers online chat or send inquiry by email, or send RFQ on the platform.

Offline Sourcing Guide-Visit China.

After search on platform or google. Have deeply talk about price, specific etc.. it’s better to check the sample or start trial order to test the supplier products quality, lead time..etc.

If still don’t find good supplier, we should make a plan visit China, first way to go is choose several supplier online which with nice communication. The second way, go to visit the show.

There are many show about led lighting in China. The biggest include canton fair every year April and October, HK lighting fair every April and October. Shanghai led light fair every September. All above deserve to visit. To visit China you may need a guide for China LED Light Manufacturers: Complete Analysis

With reviewing above guide, you should know where to search reliable China LED light supplier and how to evaluate the LED light quality, The last step is the find a local import agent company , they will handle the shipping and custom clearance for you.