How to Distinguish China LED Panel Light manufacturer from the diffuser plate used on panel light.

LED panel light has more components then other led lights, for other led lights, it not only check the quality from the led chips, shell material, lens material and driver material(for these quality check method,please read here, it also have the LGP and diffuser plate which are very important. There are some panel light, after installation or lighting few days , it has some dark spot on the panel, or the panel out of shape.

All this happen, because of the diffuser plate material. If you want find a good led panel light manufacturer in China, you must know the diffuser material difference, which are highly decide a led panel light quality and cost.

Diffusion plate in the use of LED panel light mainly play a role in blocking sundries and guide plate Mesh Points, We have test and research all the diffuser plate in the market which include PC,PMMA,PS and PP.  Below is the research results.

led panel diffuser


Advantages:1. High strength and elastic coefficient, high impact strength, wide temperature range, 2, high transparency and Free Dyeing; 3, High H. D. T. (Heat Deformation Temperature means that under the outer pressure, the plastic deformation temperature .) 4. Good Fatigue Resistance; 5. Good weatherability (weatherability means the material is steady, not easy discoloration,  Turtle,) 6 odorless is safe for human health; 7. It has a low shrinkage rate and good dimensional stability. The stability of the PC is the best, High level of fire protection (UL94-V0).  It’s easier to authenticate safety test.  But in the production and sales,

The price of a PC is more expensive,  And there’s too much static in the installation, cause it is easy to absorb dust during assembling. it is high labor cost. Besides, it is 86% light transmittance is very low for the panel light . Because LED panel light lights emit after LGP and diffuser , the diffuser transparency rate decide the lighting efficiency.


commonly known as Acrylic, Acrylic Plate has excellent weatherability and high surface glossiness, AS WELL AS BETTER HIGH-TEMPERATURE PERFORMANCE, Acrylic plate has good adaptability and spraying properties. Use of appropriate printing and spraying processes, It can give acrylic products the ideal surface decoration effect. Anti-fire; non-spontaneous and self-extinguishing.

Acrylic plate use for led panel light has floowing advantages ; 1. Low Cost, 2. The acrylic is easy to process and shape. And the materials are cheap. So in the early production of flat-panel Lamps, Acrylic plate use most. Acrylic silkscreen is really good,  if a customer needs a large area of screen printing, The first choice, of course, is the Acrylic plate. What I have to say is that ACRYLIC’S TRANSMITTANCE which Up to 90%, Ultra-high transmittance, but it’s also causing problems. It’s well known that led panel lights are created by backlighting.  There are also requirements for its flat surfaces. Because of the Strong Light Penetration, It’s also hard to hide the powder, It comes out lighting pot all the time. Besides, it is same as PC,  It’s got a lot of static, easy to absorb dust. Produce very hard and cost high labor cost.


It has a high radiation resistance. It’s resistant to water, diluted inorganic acids. At the same time, it has the advantages of Brittleness, low impact strength and poor weatherability.  It can be used in a humid environment, such as bathroom, kitchen. Long-term exposure to the outdoors is prone to yellow and brittle phenomena. It’s also less heat-resistant. So it most use on the led panel light for indoor use. And The deformation temperature is 70-90°. It can only be used in environments under 70°.  Its low temperature resistance is not good either, The embrittlement temperature is -30° , Although PS has many disadvantages, But for the LED panel Lights, The drawbacks are less obvious. Because most drawback are happened when use at outside, but most panel light use indoor.  It stands out from the rest advantage features. LED panel light most use for indoors. Its environment temperature is -20 — 60 degrees, ILL NOT BE EXPOSED TO LONG-TERM SUNLIGHT, So the poor climate isn’t much of a factor. But because of its very good chemical stability, And a small amount of moisture absorption,  It’s perfect for indoor use. And I have to say, it’s highly refractive,  The usual fine dust and debris doesn’t show up, In the production operation due to its electrostatic small,  Production and installation are extremely convenient,  If there is a small scratch, Gently, with a razor blade to scrape off. And the fact that it’s low cost, PRODUCTION IS EASY TO CUT, It’s transparent not low which up to 88%. Not As high as acrylic, but more advantage.

PP– Polypropylene

The price of this material is cheaper than PS’s , It’s PP composite of other materials.

As we test , The results are as follows: 1. It’s got a great toughness, It’s similar to the PC. It has a high transmittance, same as acrylic, Can reach 90%. It’s a static charge, Less dust adsorption. The production operation is simple.

On the surface, it looks like It combines the advantages of the first three diffusers, But it has a fatal weakness, When it sue for make a 60×60 panel Light, Because it’s soft, When it’s installed and hangs up, after few month use, the plate will become deformed. The distance from the center to the guide plate can be up to 2-3mm, that will cause light very dark and with big dark area.


Compare above diffuser material, PMMA is best choice, but because it high labor cost. Only few manufacturer use it. Not most company use PS which with best cost performance.  Of course, there are many led panel light manufacturer use PP to make their panel light low cost and competitive. But only 1-3 Month, the diffuser plate will become deformed.

If you are looking for a reliable led panel light manufacturer in China, you can know about weshine, all panel light has third party inspecton,such as UL SGS and TUV.