LED high bay light most use or replace the HPS light in workshop and warehouse light, Due to the height of the lights installation usually 8m to 10m,make the maintenance cost very high once it has problem. Face to so many different price level from the LED High bay manufacturer. As the buyers is really hard to make a decision. Whether you meet below situation and hesitate to deside.


1,Price is very cheap but dare not to buy.

2,Price too high and not willing to buy.

3,Too many introduce make you confuse.


This article I will tell you the things you consider before make the decision to buy from the suitable LED high bay light manufacturer. We will analyse from two face — Company Qualification and Product Quality.


First, Enterprise qualification we need consider.


1,Factory qualification: which says whether the led high bay factory have the ability to produce the quality led high bay light. Whether the factory have the strong technical ability. We can easy find the buy high quality led high bay and with good after sale service from the top brand such as Philip, Osram… But the price also a very high level.  But we had a second choice, there are a lot of factory they have long time to produce OEM order for such big brand company, So their workers skill , quality control, all have been inspected several times, This kind of factory is a good choice, they quality is same as big brand , but price is in a affordable level. Weshine is a good led light manufacturer who have became the OEM of Philip for 6years.


2, The another way we need to know the factory’s certification and know the factory’s market. If a factory major for low end market, even the price is cheap. How you expect they can make a Europe or USA standard quality product for you. But how to know it ?  Very easy, low end market factory usually very small, usually don’t have ISO, SGS, or TUV factory inspection. You can know the factory details from these factory reports including how many skilled workers, QC stuff,engineer..etc.


Secondly; Evaluate is product quality.

1,First look the high bay light configuration, configuration affects the quality of the product, generally check the led chip and the power supply, the Good light source match high quality power supply can let the LED highbay work stable operation for a long time.


2,Check the power wattage, On the market, Always have some company sell a 80W high bay light as 100W or even 150W , for new buyers cant recognize, but through the electric meter connection, can see its real power. The virtual standard power directly cause to insufficient illumination, so it will actually affect the work of the factory workers below.


3, Look the material and type of the lamp radiator, in general, the higher the purity of aluminum, the larger the heat sink, the better the heat dissipation effect. The lamps with bad heat dissipation will make a lamp with high temperatures in a few hours, and the heat that can’t be released can continue to affect other led high bay light accessories, such as light source and driver.